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Are Extra Points Really Necessary?

The New York Times online edition had an interesting story on their N.F.L. Blog, The Fifth Down, called the "Extra Point Is Always Good; Is That A Good Thing?" Writer Dave Seminara poses the issue that since the Point-After-Touchdown is virtually a sure thing, is it really a necessary part of the game anymore?

As the story says, so far in the 2011 season, there have been 309 extra point attempts, with 309 successful conversions. Over the history of the play, the accuracy figure is pretty much 99%, with the last miss being the day after Christmas in 2010. Twenty-one of the thirty-two NFL teams did not miss one last year and some teams have not missed an attempt in years.

Even New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is open to the play being removed from the game, saying that "plays that are nonplays shouldn’t be in the game." If that is the case, the articles states, the argument is there that perhaps the extra point should either be changed to make it more challenging or even removed from the game due to it's virtual lack of relevance to the outcome.

Check out the story on the link above and let the debate begin.