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Week 4 Fantasy Focus: Individual Defensive Players

If you are in a fantasy football league that uses individual defensive players as part of your scoring, this story may be very helpful for you as you search your waiver wire for help this week. SB Nation's fantasy football blog, Fake Teams, breaks it down in such detail, depth and to a degree that in their recent post on IDP's, they list 105 players in order of expectations versus their week four opponent.

The also separate the individual defensive players by linebackers, defensive back and defensive linemen. the Baltimore Ravens host the New York Jets on Sunday Night Football in what should be tough game, so in many cases, there are not a lot of favorable match-ups on both sides for IDP. However, not surprisingly to Ravens fans, LB Ray Lewis is rated the 5th best choice to start at LB. Ed Reed did make the list of defensive backs, but at #33, although I wouldn't be shocked at all if he ends up with a pick of Jets QB Mark Sanchez.

What did confuse me was that Ravens OLB Terrell Suggs is not on either the LB or DL list and despite the fact that he might be facing Pro Bowl LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson most of the game, there still is no reason that Suggs shouldn't be considered one of the top pass rushers in the game every week regardless of who he might be going against.