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Ravens Dominate for 60 Minutes, Win 30-7

Ray Lewis & Terrell Suggs Celebrate (Getty Images)
Ray Lewis & Terrell Suggs Celebrate (Getty Images)

The Baltimore Ravens may have won unimpressively the past two weeks of the regular season, but they put that all behind them as they played a full sixty minutes today and dominated on both sides of the ball, beating the Kansas City Chiefs 30-7.

The statistics tell the entire story and while games are not played on paper, the stats proved the total domination of the game. Look at these comparisons:

First Downs: Ravens-26, Chiefs-8

Total Yards: Ravens-391, Chiefs-161

Passing Yards: Ravens-248, Chiefs-53

Time of Possession: Ravens-41:44, Chiefs-18:16

So much to discuss on what was a great performance by the entire team, offense, defense and Special Teams. If you thought the victory over the New Orleans Saints was a complete game, it couldn't hold a candle to this one. Another road playoff victory for head coach John Harbaugh, QB Joe Flacco and the road warriors. Next week it is onto Pittsburgh to face the Steelers on Saturday at 4:30pm. For now, enjoy!