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Ravens Lead Chiefs 10-7: 2nd Half 'Open Thread'

While the Baltimore Ravens lead the Kansas City Chiefs 10-7 at the half, most Ravens fans are probably thinking that the team should be winning by more than that. Squandering a very solid performance by QB Joe Flacco (17-24, 196 yards, 1-TD), with an ill-timed turnover and shoddy tackling on defense, the Ravens have otherwise dominated the game's first 30 minutes.

Owning the time of possession battle (20:31 to 9:29), the Ravens have run 39 plays to the Chiefs 17. Todd Heap has also came up huge, with seven receptions for 81 yards, and still another half to play. The lack of completions to the wide receivers is a concern (3), but is as much a factor of the Kansas City pass rush, which is giving our offensive line fits and has resulted in Flacco having his season best 24 yards rushing, to lead the team.

Stick with The Beatdown for the final 30 minutes and come back right after the end of the game for a game recap.