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Two Games, Two Upsets

Who saw this coming? Which game was more surprising, the Seattle Seahawks victory over the New Orleans Saints or the New York Jets over the Indianapolis Colts? The Seahawks' win was more significant in that all the talk about re-seeding the playoffs might be forgotten as Seattle certainly proved they deserved to be in the post season as they held on to defeat the defending Super Bowl champions. Likewise, by beating the Colts, the Jets knocked the defending AFC champs out as well, ensuring that there will be two new teams in the Super Bowl this season.

This is all good news for the Baltimore Ravens, as now if the Ravens beat the`Kansas City Chiefs and if both the Ravens and Jets win next week as well, then the AFC Championship Game would be in Baltimore, which would be amazing.

Even more exciting as the recent news that if the Ravens make the Super Bowl, SB Nation has informed us that the two teams who get to Dallas will both get full media passes the entire week! Therefore, root for the Ravens to go all the way so I can keep providing you all the inside information firsthand on the team with interviews, photos and press box access for the Big Game!

Go Ravens!