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Baltimore Beatdown and TiqIQ Playoff Tickets Launch


Through SB Nation, Baltimore Beatdown has partnered with TiqIQ to offer fan tickets to the Baltimore Ravens playoff games, starting with this weekend's game at the Kansas City Chiefs. Prices for tickets for this Sunday's game have actually fallen near or even below regular season prices, as many Chiefs fans are not too optimistic for a home team victory and therefore are selling them off instead.

If you are interested in finding great seats for this game, or any other one in the post season, click on the link below:

To find out more about the advantages of finding tickets through TiqIQ, click on the 'Jump' )

Features and Benefits:

1. Aggregated Listings: They aggregate all major sellers in the market so you can find the best deal.
2. TiqZone Categorization: They break each venue up into TiqZones, which are groupings of sections that we’ve determined are comparable in value.
3. TiqIQ Statistics: They provide ticket-level buying intelligence through their IQ rating and TiqIQ Statistics.
4. E-Ticket Filter: Want tickets last minute? You can find all the available e-tickets so you can print your tickets from home or the office.
5. All-in Pricing Option: Before you complete your sale you'll be able to tell exactly how much your tickets will cost including all service and shipping fees.