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Sports Illustrated Unveils Super Bowl's Most Decisive Moments

Sports Illustrated Unveils the Most Decisive Moments of all 44 Super Bowls 
Presented by Bing, Sports Illustrated Gives Fans the Opportunity to select the Most Decisive Super Bowl Moment of All-Time
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NEW YORK, NY (January 5 2011) – Today, Sports Illustrated is unveiling its list of the Most Decisive Moments - the game-changing play, player’s leadership or coach’s decision - from each of the previous 44 Super Bowls.  Most games come down to one play, one decision, one moment that decides the outcome. The list of moments - such as David Tyree’s ball on helmet catch in Super Bowl XLII – is featured in this week’s magazine, the corresponding iPad app and on In a unique twist, Sports Illustrated is asking the fans to vote on The Most Decisive Moment in Super Bowl History by launching a bracket-style competition among the top 8 Decisive Moments as chosen by the editors. The voting begins today on ( and SI’s iPad App with the winner unveiled on February 4. Sports Illustrated’s Most Decisive Moments program is presented by Bing, the decision engine from Microsoft.
"106.5 million people were watching last year when the New Orleans Saints took the biggest risk in Super Bowl history by on-side kicking to begin the 2nd half," said Mark Mravic, Sports Illustrated lead NFL Editor. "When a decisive moment happens in front of a massive audience, it propels itself into sports history forever. We have our opinions and want to hear what the fans think was the decision or play that told the story of the Super Bowl for a team, its fans and their city."

These moments may not necessarily be the winning touchdown or final play but rather a turn in momentum, a jaw-dropping catch or a creative coaching decision such as the aforementioned Saints’ onside kick – a perilous gamble by New Orleans Head Coach Sean Payton. Other moments on the list include: Terry Bradshaw’s 64-yard touchdown pass to Lynn Swann in Super Bowl X to John Elway’s incredible "helicopter" dive for a first down in Super Bowl XXXII and TK.
"Bing is proud to present the Most Decisive Moments in Super Bowl history with Sports Illustrated," said Danielle Tiedt, General Manager, Bing. "Combining the award-winning journalism from Sports Illustrated with the natural role of Bing as a decision engine has created a unique opportunity for fans to take part in this iconic event in a way that hasn't been done before. We’re excited to see fans decide and share their views on the most Decisive Moment, while introducing millions of football fans to Bing."

Of the 44 moments, SI editors of Sports Illustrated narrowed down the list to eight most compelling plays which include: Joe Nameth’s guarantee of victory in Super Bowl III, Scott Norwood’s wide right FG miss in Super Bowl XXV and Mike Jones game saving tackle on Kevin Dyson in Super Bowl XXXIV. These moments are relived on and Sports Illustrated on the iPad with interviews from the key players along with perspective from SI’s award-winning editorial team. The voting spans three weeks bringing eight to four, then a final two until the winner is announced on February 4.
As part of the program, Sports Illustrated Presents will release The Most Decisive Moments in Super Bowl History Issue featuring all 44 Decisive Moments. The SIP will be distributed in Dallas during Super Bowl Week. It will be available in various locations including uptown Dallas, the West End, Victory Park, Deep Ellum, the Arts District, the Convention Center and the Museum in Fair Park. Bing is the exclusive advertiser around content as it appears in all elements of the campaign, including Sports Illustrated magazine and the SIP, and are the presenting sponsor of the content on and via various social media promotions.
The SIP will be distributed by Tom Landry look a likes as part of an agreement with the Tom Landry Foundation. Coach Landry was among the most decisive coaches in the history of the game and his play calling in Super Bowl VI and XII brought the Dallas Cowboys their first two Super Bowl titles and provided moments that live in infamy.
The Most Decisive Moments in Super Bowl History:
I  - Willie Wood 3rd quarter interception
II  - Jerry Kramer halftime speech
III  - Joe Namath victory guarantee
IV - Chiefs 65 Toss Power Trap
V  -  Mike Curtis fourth-quarter interception
VI  - Duane Thomas sweep to give Cowboys 17-3 lead
VII  - Jake Scott fourth-quarter interception
VIII  - Nick Buonoconti’s forced fumble
IX  - Terry Bradshaw 30-yard third-down completion to Larry Brown
X  - Terry Bradshaw 64-yard touchdown pass to Swann
XI  - Fred Biletnikoff 48-yard reception
XII  - Roger Staubach to Butch Johnson 45-yard TD
XIII – Franco Harris touchdown run on 3rd & 9
XIV - John Stallworth’s fourth quarter touchdown reception
XV - Jim Plunkett 80-yard TD pass to Kenny King
XVI - 49ers goal-line stand
XVII - John Riggins' 43-yard TD run on 4th & 1
XVIII - Jack Squirek’s INT at the end of the first half
XIX - Dwaine Board sack of Marino to start 2nd half
XX - Dent, Marshall sack Eason, Hampton recovers fumble
XXI – Phil Simms-to-Phil McConkey flea-flicker
XXII - Doug Williams 50-yard TD to Ricky Sanders to put Skins up 21–10
XXIII - Joe Montana's John Candy joke in the huddle on the last drive
XXIV – Joe Montana-to-Jerry Rice 20-yard TD pass on Niners' first series
XXV - Scott Norwood Wide Right
XXVI - Thurman Thomas misses first two plays while looking for his helmet
XXVII - Ken Norton Jr. knocks out Jim Kelly
XXVIII - Emmitt Smith carries on 7 of 8 plays in 3rd quarter go-ahead TD drive
XXIX – Steve Young-to-Jerry Rice 44-yard TD on third play of the game
XXX - Larry Brown intercepts Neil O'Donnell to snuff out Steelers' last hope
XXXI - Desmond Howard 99-yard KO return
XXXII – John Elways' Helicopter touchdown run
XXXIII - Darrien Gordon's 58-yard interception return
XXXIV - The Rams’ Mike Jones tackles Kevin Dyson at the 1
XXXV - Jermaine Lewis's 84-yard KO return, the last of three straight plays on which touchdowns were scored
XXXVI - Patriots decision not to run out the clock at the end of regulation
XXXVII - Joe Jurevicius first-down catch (or 33-yarder) on TD drive at start of 3rd quarter
XXXVIII - John Kasay's kickoff with 1:08 left goes out of bounds, handing the Patriots the ball at the 40 and setting up winning Vinatieri's FG
XXXIX - Eagles fail to go no-huddle on their final TD drive, burning up too much clock
XL – Antwaan Randle El-to-Hines Ward flea flicker
XLI - Kelvin Hayden 56-yard TD return of Rex Grossman interception
XLII - David Tyree catch
XLIII – Ben Roethlisberger to Holmes TD
XLIV - Sean Payton calls for onside kick to start second half
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