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NFL Playoffs: Ravens vs. Chiefs 'Tale-of-the-Tape'

When the Baltimore Ravens head onto the field at Arrowhead Stadium to face the Kansas City Chiefs in the Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs, they know while the game is played on the field, the stats tell a story about what both teams can expect to see. Therefore, let's see how both the Ravens and Chiefs match-up on both sides of the ball statistically and where they rank among the rest of the league in various categories.

Stat Category Ravens Chiefs

Total Offense 22nd (322.9) 12th (349.7)

Passing Offense 20th (208.4) 30th (185.5)

Rushing Offense 14th (114.4) 1st (164.2)

Points/Game 16th (22.3) 14th (22.9)

(Click on the 'Jump' to see how both team's defenses and Special Teams match-up)

Stat Category Ravens Chiefs

Total Defense 10th (318.9) 14th (330.2)

Passing Defense 21st (224.9) 17th (219.9)

Rushing Defense 5th (93.9) 14th (110.2)

Pts. Allowed/game 3rd (16.5) 11th (20.4)

Sacks 27th (27) 12th (38)

Interceptions 8th (19) 19th (14)

Punting 16th (43.6) 13th (43.8)

Field Goals 26/29 (49-L) 20/26 (53-L)