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Ten Ways to Improve the Super Bowl

In Maxim Magazine's February issue, they lay out "ten ways to make Americas favorite Sunday ever superer." It's a fascinating list of "what-if's" that would certainly make a more interesting viewing for pure entertainment purposes. Without ruining the entire article that is only in Maxim's paper version (not on their free online site), here are a few of the more, shall we say, semi-plausible ones:

1. Offer alternate announcer options on pay-per-view: Instead of the impersonal Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, ante up $15 and get 27 different feeds, from the Japanese announcers to watching the brodcast synced up to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

2. Hold a "Joker" Draft, in which the two teams each can pick any one player from the other 30 teams to join for that one game: Imagine the Green Bay Packers picking up the Minnesota Vikings' Adrian Peterson for the game, or the Pittsburgh Steelers grabbing our Baltimore Ravens' Ray Lewis to complement that defense?

(For more ridiculous recommendations, click on the 'Jump')

3. Always hold the game on President's Day Weekend so everyone has Monday off: Enough said on this one, as staying up late partying, especially for the two cities whose teams are playing, and then not having to get up early the every next morning seems to make a ton of common sense, especially with the league thinking of expanding the regular season two more weeks anyway!

4. Have cameras follow the winning team for 24 hours after they've won it all: Now wouldn't that be interesting? Maxim makes some comments here about how great it would be if one of the winning players decides to hang out with Ray Lewis and there's some sort of knife fight, etc., that I honestly found to be pretty lame.

5. Lower ticket prices for the game to $1 to prevent corporate fans from getting every seat: Maxim reckons the NFL already makes a killing on the game even without the gate receipts, so let the "real" fans go to cheer their teams on, with drunken fights and obscene signs in the stands.

There are five more and each of the ten listed have much more "colorful" detail than I tempered down for a site as proper as Baltimore Beatdown. Tell me which ones you like and if you've already seen the Maxim issue and this article, the pictures in it are also pretty nice!

Oh, by the way, Attack of the Show (on cable channel G4) former co-host, Olivia Munn, is on the cover and has a photo shoot spread inside February's issue, just in case you were wondering...