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Sports Fans Coalition launches 'Save Next Season' campaign

Fans Demand NFL, NFLPA Play 2011 Season or Return Tax Dollars

Washington, D.C. --- In the midst of the ongoing labor dispute between the National Football League and the National Football League Players Association, Sports Fans Coalition today launched its Save Next Season ( campaign. The campaign includes a petition on behalf of NFL fans everywhere asking owners and players to guarantee the 2011 season will be played 

"NFL fans everywhere are tired of the back-and-forth feuding between the owners and the players over how best to divide up billions of dollars," SFC Executive Director Brian Frederick said today. "Next season is now at risk and fans need to unite to save football before it’s too late. Otherwise, the Super Bowl could be the last NFL game we see in 2011."

Sports Fans Coalition pointed to the amount of money sports fans and taxpayers have spent on NFL stadiums. "In the last 20 years, we have spent at least $6.5 billion financing NFL stadiums that have made both players and owners richer," Frederick said. "The least they can do is play football. Otherwise, we will demand that they return some of that money to the community."

The Save Next Season campaign represents the most significant national fan action taken since sports fans intervened to help force a resolution to the 1994 Major League Baseball labor dispute. 

"We ask that you immediately guarantee to us that there will be a 2011 season," the petition reads. It also states: "As you know, the NFL brings families and communities together, which, in these tough times, is more important than ever."

Sports Fans Coalition is a nonprofit established in 2009 that is fighting to give fans a voice on issues like media blackouts, high ticket prices, stadium construction and college football playoffs. Sports Fans Coalition’s agenda advocates that sports fans should be able to watch their local teams play, regardless of how fans get their TV, and opposes all blackouts.