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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Toast the Ravens "Nevermore"

Since the Baltimore Ravens will not be taking part in the AFC Championship Game this evening, all fans should grab your beverage of choice and hoist one up in honor of our team. We all know that we should be either preparing or already tailgating in anticipation of hosting this game, but for whatever reason, the Pittsburgh Steelers just would not cooperate last week when they stormed back from a 14 point halftime deficit to beat the Ravens, 31-24. This should have triggered a week-long binge, which now should terminate today with a Sunday Morning Bloody Mary.

In your toast, we should all promise to refrain from the criticism of only having a team that makes the playoffs and win games every year, but can't seem to make it over the hump to get back to where we were ten years ago, the top of the pro football world as Super Bowl Champs. We will not lose next time. Nevermore! Next year, we will be rooting for our Ravens to win this game on our way to football heaven. Enjoy today's games. Go Ravens!

(Join us for an 'Open Thread' on the two NFL Conference Championship Games at 3pm today.)