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Big Game Means Party Time!

Whether or not your favorite team makes the Super Bowl, it is still a huge party time for all football fans and a great excuse for a party even if you are not fond of America's Game! For many, it is an annual event, with consistent plans with the same group of friends, same menu, same routine. For others, it is a new experience each and every year. Unfortunately for Baltimore Ravens fans, we were hoping to have a much more serious interest in this Super Bowl, and some of us were praying we'd have to scrap our plans in exchange for reservations to Dallas to watch our team in the Big Game.

Alas, that was not to be, and now we have to sit at home on our sofas and drown ourselves in whatever Coke products you choose to, by itself, or mixed with your favorite alcoholic beverage! Anyway you choose to do it, no matter who, what, where you choose, we all know when it will be - and that is February 6, 2011 around 6pm.

My recommendations are to plan the guest list and menu in advance. You can have everyone bring something to the party of just order it up from the local food store and ave everyone pitch in to cover the costs. We do a combination of the two, with everyone bringing an appetizer, dessert or beverage to the house and then order out for wings, steamed shrimp and other stuff.

We start out simple before the game with the appetizers and throughout the first half with chips and dip. The halftime spread is where we do the most damage, filling our plates with the remnants of chicken bones, shrimp shells and napkins everywhere. The four dogs make sure nothing stays on the floor for long and they usually skip their own dinner after getting their fill on everything they probably shouldn't be eating in the first place.

By the time the second half rolls around, the desserts begin to hit the tables set up all around the TV and sofa, as some people seem to migrate to the kitchen if the game's outcome has been already decided. For some, the coffee is the best way to level out their evening, as a full night of partying can be a tiring event.

With the Baltimore Ravens out of the running, to know that either the Pittsburgh Steelers or New York Jets will be representing the AFC just does not sit well with most Ravens fans. Therefore, who do you root for to make the Big Game? Many Baltimore fans will opt for former Defensive Coordinator Rex Ryan's Jets, but I can only see Joe Namath running off the field with that finger held high, signaling #1 as he led those same Jets over our Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl 3, so no way I can root for any New York team.

I respect those hated Steelers and sometimes think I should root for the AFC North and the team that knocked us out of the playoffs, but I just cannot see myself rooting for Big Ben, smilin' Hines and the long-haired safety. Therefore, that leaves the NFL representative and I'm hoping that it will be represented by the Green Bay Packers, who have overcome everything from losing their starting running back in week one to a ton of injuries to their QB having to deal with following a legend that just needs to finally retire (guess who?).

So, enjoy the game, drink Coke Zero and....go Pack!?