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Ravens Season Ends Too Soon, 31-24

Once again, the Baltimore Ravens end their season on another disappointing note, to the same Pittsburgh Steelers that have haunted them over the past few years. Every time it seems that the Ravens find another way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and this one will hurt all off season, if not longer The only loss comparable to this one has to be the 2006 season playoff loss to the Indianapolis Colts, but this one should go down as a much tougher one to digest

After such a promising first half, the offense could muster nothing other than giving the ball back to Pittsburgh and when the game was on the line, the better team took advantage of it and the lesser team could not.

There is so much to regurgitate, but the game's final minutes showed the huge gap that remains between these two teams, as the Ravens could not score from inside the ten yard line and the Steelers could. Playcalling had a ton to do with this loss, but also execution was poor when the pressure was on.

More to follow over the next few days, but for now I just have to stop and watch the taste of disgust and losing out of the game, as I cannot stomach listening to commentator Bill Cowher gloat over his team!