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NFL Picks & Pans: Divisional Playoff Round

After splitting last weekend, but getting the most important game correct (Ravens over Chiefs), I hope to sweep the board in the four games. Doubtful that too many people picked the Seahawks to upset the Saints, much less the Jets over the Colts. However, this weekend gives us four games, three of them tough ones and the one that is the so-called easiest pick might still surprise us all in the end. Let's get it going:

Packers over Falcons (Saturday night):  Even though Atlanta had the extra week of rest and already defeated Green Bay at the dome, I still like them as the "Upset Special Pick of the Week," The Pack seems to be on a roll and their defense has been real solid and gets barely a mention in the shadow of Aaron Rodgers. Meanwhile, the Falcons won a bunch of close games in the final moments (including the Ravens game) and I'm predicting their run of luck both at the end of games and at home runs out Saturday night.

(See the other two games of the weekend after the 'Jump' and I'll pick & pan the Ravens-Steelers game on Saturday morning.)

Bears over Seahawks:  I actually thought about picking Seattle in this game after what they did last week against New Orleans plus what they already did in Chicago earlier this season. Matt Hasselbeck has a ton of playoff experience while this will be Bears QB Jay Cutler's first career playoff game. However, I just cannot see the Seahawks going on a streak like they did a few years back when they made it to the Super Bowl behind Hasselbeck. Chicago wins at home and then hosts the AFC Championship Game, facing Green Bay for the third time this season. Imagine that!?

Patriots over Jets:  I couldn't care less what New York head coach Rex Ryan says about his personal challenge with New England's Bill Belichick. Every time he opens his mouth, he sticks either his own or his wife's foot deeper into his mouth (ouch). The Pats schooled the Jets earlier this season and New York QB Mark Sanchez will have no answer for Tom Brady. There is zero comparison between this third match-up of the season and the one between the Ravens and Steelers. Not even close. New England will win and show how they don't stop trying to score until the final seconds click off the game clock. Ravens fans can root for the Jets all they want to pull the upset so we can have a crazy AFC Championship Game here in Baltimore, but it ain't happening.

Last week:  2-2

Season Record:  160-98