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Ravens Get Shaft & Short Week

I question the thought process of the NFL schedule makers when they have the Baltimore Ravens playing six days from now against a Pittsburgh Steelers team that will have had a two week rest off of their playoff bye. The New York Jets played Saturday night and do not have to face the New England Patriots until Sunday afternoon, a span of eight days. So then why do the Jets get an eight day break and the Ravens only six? Wouldn't it seem to make more sense to have the Jets-Patriots play on Saturday and the Ravens-Steelers on Sunday? That would give both Wild Card teams an equal seven days rest.

I notice the same thing over in the NFC, where the Green Bay Packers, who also played Sunday, will face the Atlanta Falcons next Saturday evening while the Seattle Seahawks, who played late Saturday afternoon, do not face the Chicago Bears until next Sunday. I'm sure there is some method to this madness, but it would seem logical to me to set up the schedules to make a better effort at giving all four of the Wild Card teams advancing a level playing field.