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Former Ravens Being Gobbled Up

As expected, as the Baltimore Ravens released players who didn't make their 53 man roster, the vultures descended on their waivers and began feasting on the remains. Reserve QB Troy Smith was signed by the San Francisco 49ers as part of a sort of reunion with former assistant coach and now Head Coach Mike Singletary. Demetrius Williams is reported to possibly be joining Mark Clayton in St. Louis and undrafted rookie cornerback Prince Miller might be signed to the New England Patriots Practice Squad.

The Ravens Practice Squad is almost set, as they still have one more opening before they reach the maximum of eight players. Currently they have QB Hunter Cantwell, RB Curtis Steele, OG Bryan Mattison, WR Justin Harper, TE Davon Drew, OT Devin Tyler and LB Albert McClellan on their Practice Squad.

Who else will get signed elsewhere and who could be the final player added to the team's Practice Squad to be shored up over the next few days. Teams are also waiting until after the first game of the regular season to sign players as they will not be responsible for the entire 2010 season salary for any player signed after week one and only have to pay on a game-by-game basis after that point.

More signings here and elsewhere will be reported as they happen.

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