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No More "Football-less" Sundays!

Hopefully, you got a lot of work done around the house this past weekend, as there is no way us football fans will be getting the same workload completed from this point forward. Yesterday was the last Sunday of the year without professional football, as the 2010 NFL regular season kicks off on Thursday night and continues into the next year.

Get ready to plant yourself in front of the television every Sunday afternoon, if not in the morning, as you prepare to watch your favorite team. Of course, our Baltimore Ravens do not play this Sunday, as they get the honor of ruining the New York Jets' opening of their new stadium in prime time on Monday Night Football (7pm).

However, that is as good an opening for promoting watching Comcast's NFL RedZone channel, which brings you all the scoring from every Sunday afternoon games, live and in HD. Why bother sticking with one game that may not even interest you when you can watch every touchdown from every game as they happen? In addition, they do live "look-ins" as teams enter the Red Zone around the league.

So don't make any other plans for Sundays from now on, except the ones that either involve tailgating or lounging on the sofa. Now we know where that recliner company got their name, Lazy Boy!