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Ravens' Cundiff Rates a Solid Fantasy Kicker

Believe it or not, despite being on shaky ground with his making the Baltimore Ravens final 53 man roster in doubt until the last moments, Billy Cundiff still rates as one of the better placekickers in fantasy football. You might not see him high up on the projection lists, or even last year's scoring rankings. However, Cundiff is kicking for one of the better teams in the NFL and that alone makes him a solid choice to start for your fantasy team.

I know it did for mine, as I took him last night in one of my leagues. I let most of the other bigger name kickers go earlier in the draft, as I recently read the difference between the first and tenth ranked kickers was an average of only two points per week in traditional scoring leagues. Therefore, armed with that knowledge and my belief that the Ravens will be in scoring position on a regular basis in 2010, that made my waiting and selecting Cundiff to kick fo rmy fantasy team a no brainer.

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