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Game Ball of the Week

(This post sponsored by Sprint)

This headline will be reappearing on a regular basis throughout the rest of the season, as we will be giving out a virtual game ball to one player on the Baltimore Ravens after each game, win or lose. This week it was a tossup between two guys whose success was directly linked to each other. Both QB Joe Flacco and WR Anquan Boldin have the other guy to thank for his success Sunday. Flacco threw for three touchdown passes and Boldin was on the receiving end of all three passes. Was it Joe who made Anquan look good by dropping those passes into his waiting hands or did "Q" just run under balls that were just thrown up in the air?

What came first the chicken or the egg? This is pretty much a toss up, but I'm respectfully presenting this award to Anquan Boldin. Had Flacco thrown those same three TD passes to three different receivers, then Joe would be the easy decision. However, for Boldin to be as open as he was on pretty much all three receptions means he earned those receptions by running routes that got him into the clear to haul in those passes.

Boldin's eight receptions for around 150 yards and three scores was the best performance of any receiver in the league this weekend. Knowing that Flacco was looking for him didn't stop Anquan for finding the seams in the Cleveland Browns' secondary and not only making the catch, but running such great routes that it was surprising how in the clear he was when he made those catches. Flacco targeted him over and over and in addition to those three TD catches, he caught five other balls despite the Browns attempt to steer coverage to his side of the field.

Flacco also had a solid game, returning to respectability after a weak performance against the Cincinnati Bengals the prior week. However, a lot of other NFL QB's had much better games than Joe, but no one did better than Boldin's numbers. Therefore, congrats to "Q" for a breakout week, which could be the springboard onto bigger things and a chance to represent the Ravens in the Pro Bowl early next year in Hawaii.