The most worrisome statistic

There are many negative trends we have seen through the Baltimore Ravens first three games of the 2K10 season that are cause for concern.  Ample scrutiny has focused on QB Joe Flacco’s performance; the second guessing of OC Cam Cameron’s play calling for not running the ball enough; the gnashing of teeth over the lack of pass rush; and amazement at our suddenly run vulnerable defense.  But the stat that has me most worried is the turnover ratio.  Zero interceptions and one forced fumble while coughing up 5 INT and 2 fumbles for a (-6) turnover ratio.  Frankly, it’s amazing to be 2-1 with that negative differential. 

Here is the bottom line on the Ravens substandard stats to date.

1.       The -6 Turnover Ratio (Worst in the league?)

2.       Flacco’s 66.3 QB Rating (27th in league)

3.       Offense 89 rushing yards per game (23rd in league)

4.       Defense giving up 127.7 rushing yards per game (22nd in league)

5.       Defense having five (5) total sacks (tied for 18th in league)

While all of these are cause for concern, I believe the turnover ratio will be the key stat the Ravens need to reverse, and fast, if we expect to win the Division, let alone make any sort of run deep into the playoffs.

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