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Ravens Edge Out Browns 24-17

The Ravens looked like a new team today. Flacco had a sense of confidence which allowed him to throw a record-tying 3 TDs to Anquan Boldin. If our offense plays like this the rest of the year, we will be fine. The only thing that looked bad today, was Cam Camerons play calling. He abandoned the running game. We have a great "3-headed running-back monster" he just doesn't utilize it enough. Overall, it was a good offensive game.

Our Defense, on the other hand, looked rather sluggish and were the main reason why Flacco had to step up for most of the game. They allowed a 100+ yard rusher, which is blasphemy for our defense. One of the only signs of life by our defense was our surprisingly tough pass coverage, which shut-down Josh Cribbs. On the up-side, the defense came to life in the 4th quarter, which allowed us to maintain our 7 point lead, and eventually win the game.

Next week we travel to Pittsburgh to take on the 3-0 Steelers. What we need to do to take control of our division is to A.) run the ball, and don't give up on it if it doesn't work at first. B.) Spread the ball to all of the WRs. Boldin will probably be eaten up by Polomalu, so Flacco needs to target Mason, Houshmanzadeh, and Heap. C.) Play a tough defense. Even though Ben is out, we need to not underestimate the Steeler's running game, and hold them to 10-17 points. A good win by the Ravens, but now we con focus on the important game. Lets go Ravens!!!