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NFL Picks & Pans: Week 3

A few major upsets last week have the standings looking a bit upside down with some surprising teams at 2-0 and others just as bewildering at 0-2. That didn't stop me from having a solid week, but nowhere near as good as my opening 13-3 weekend. So let's get back to that elite level with this week's picks, and of course I'll pick & pan the Baltimore Ravens game hosting the Cleveland Browns tomorrow morning.

Bengals over Panthers:  I'd love to pick Carolina in an upset this week but I just can't see a rookie QB leading them to victory over a well balanced team with a better defense than they get credit for playing in the AFC North.

Buccaneers over Steelers:  Right off the bat, here's my "Upset Special Pick of the Week!" The Steelers have played great so far but it looks like Tampa Bay is playing just as good, despite what appears to be weaker competition. However, perhaps this is part of my looking for Pittsburgh to go 2-2 without Big Ben, as they lose today and of course next week.

Chiefs over 49ers:  Who'd a thunk the NFC West favorites from San Francisco would start the season 0-fer? They look like a mess while Kansas City looks to be a possible contender fo rthe AFC West title as they sit as one of those surprising 2-0 teams.

Patriots over Bills:  Buffalo is just a mess without any hope at QB and there is no way they go into New England and win. Period.

Saints over Falcons:  Atlanta looked good last week but at home, while New Orleans should hold the fort down at home to start off 2010 at 3-0.

Giants over Titans:  While I picked the Titans to lose last week to the Steelers, I didn't actually want them to. Now they head to New Jersey (?) to face a team that needs to get back on track after that ugly loss to Eli's bro.

Vikings over Lions:  One of these teams have to win this game, so someone will still be 0-3 after afterwards, but it just can't be Brett Favre, or he'll cry on the air and I can't handle that anymore.

Texans over Cowboys:  I thought about picking Dallas as my" Upset Special" in this one, but the Texans have been playing great on offense, while Dallas is struggling. However, this could go either way as both defenses have not played well.

Redskins over Rams:  Washington could and should be undefeated going into this game and will be more than good enough to beat the rookie QB Bradford, who has looked decent so far on a very bad team.

Eagles over Jaguars:  Michael Vick will make Andy Reid look good and Jacksonville look bad as he is as hot a QB as there is in the league right now, and might even have more rushing yards in this game than MJD.

Chargers over Seahawks:  Another game I was going to pick as an upset but for some reason I just can't see San Diego's Phil Rivers whining about his misfortunes and he outscores Seattle.

Cardinals over Raiders:  This game could also go either way as both teams have looked pretty bad and while Oakland is making another QB change, Arizona's DA should begin to get on track and win.

Colts over Broncos:  Denver loses at home to an Indianapolis team that appears to be back in gear after a resounding win over the Giants last week.

Dolphins over Jets (Sunday Night Football):  Miami moves to 3-0 as New York's offense will have trouble replicating their nice win at home last week and play their first game on the road and it shows.

Bear over Packers (Monday Night Football):  Is this actually an upset? Both teams are 2-0 and the Bears have looked really good in 2010 and are the host team. Meanwhile, Green Bay is also playing well but going to Soldier Field on MNF might be a tough task for the new A-Rod.

Last week:  11-5

Season record:  24-8