Evidence That Perhaps Blame Can Be Placed on Someone Not Named Joe


These data may be from the Jets game, but they are proof positive that the O-line is hurting without Gaither, and in general. After watching (in my opinion) the Bengals D-line manhandle the Ravens, consistently getting pressure while only bringing 4 blitzers, I think it is reasonable to blame not just Joe, but the O-line as well. Sure, Joe looked horrible. But no QB can play well if there are 7 men dropping into coverage, yet he is still getting hit. Take a look back to the 2000 season, and you will see that the Ravens used consistent pressure from their front 4 as a main ingredient in their recipe for the best defense ever. Beyond that, Filmstudy has some very interesting articles about the Ravens. If you read into the archives a bit, you'll see that they vote to keep Oher at RT and to keep Yanda at RG, using their scoring system as proof that each player plays better at those positions. Enjoy, and try not to get too down after that loss.