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Ravens @ Rams: Preseason 'Open Thread'

While you might not see too many starters on the field tonight for the Baltimore Ravens final preseason game, there will be a sense of urgency for the remaining players as they will be fighting for those last few precious roster spots. Tonight is their last chance to impress their coaches as teams must get down to their final roster limit of 53 players. That means 22 guys will lose their chance at earning spots on a team that figures to be one of the favorites to go all the way in 2010-11.

So keep it here on The Beatdown to post your thoughts on who the final 53 will end up being, including the battle for the placekicking job between Billy Cundiff and Shayne Graham. Cut downs will happen by Saturday and tonight's game will go a long way to determining those final spots.

Watch, join in and leave your comments below!