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NFL Picks & Pans: Week 2

Not only did the Baltimore Ravens open the 2010 regular NFL season with a win, but I scored huge out of the blocks, picking 13 of the 16 games straight up. If I were a wagering man, I'd be "making it rain" all over The Beatdown, but alas, I value my hard earned dollars way too sort of. Anyway, let's keep it going and see if I can pick the big upset of the week once again, as I nailed the Seahawks over the 49ers pick last week.

Cowboys over Bears:  Dallas comes home an angry team and Chicago was lucky to escape with a win last week off of a very questionable "no-catch" call on an apparent TD by the Lions' Calvin Johnson.

Eagles over Lions:  Think the loss of Kevin Kolb hurts Philly more than the loss of Matthew Stafford does for Detroit? I think not, as Vick uses that indoor turf as his own track meet.

Chiefs over Browns:  Last time these guys played, Cleveland outscored Kansas City. This time, it might be the most boring game of the weekend, which should be the second time in two weeks the Browns had that distinction.

Falcons over Cardinals:  Arizona won last week only because they were playing a team that looked even worse than they did and Atlanta has to be better than they were in losing last week.

Packers over Bills:  If Buffalo couldn't win on opening day at home, what makes anyone think they can go to Green Bay for their opening game and even come within double digits!?

Steelers over Titans:  Ouch, this pick hurt just to type and it ends up being my "Upset Special Pick of the Week."This is one time I actually hope I am wrong and while CJ could run through anyone, defense travels well and I have to give any team with Troy Polamalu on it a chance to win and we will see if VY can throw it if they can't run.

Panthersover Buccaneers:  This was going to be another of my upset picks and I still wouldn't be surprised if Tampa ends up on the winning end. However, if they could barely squeak by Cleveland at home how can they beat even a bad Carolina team?

Vikings over Dolphins:  Miami goes on the road for the second time in a row against an angry Minnesota team returning home after losing in NO in the season opener for the NFL. Ouch, Miami, this will leave a mark.

Raiders over Rams:  A preview of the Super Bowl- yeah in 2025 maybe! Both teams are arguably horrible but sometimes this can end up a great game to watch and I think both team's offense will move the ball and score.

Broncos over Seahawks:  Another possible upset pick, but somehow just can't see the Broncos, usually strong starters, lose twice in a row to start he season. Conversely, as good as Seattle looked last week, they can't be that good, can they?

Texans over Redskins:  I didn't pick Washington last week and won't pick them this week, as I like Houston's passing attack and their new rushing star more than I can stomach seeing the Redskins at 2-0.

Patriots over Jets:  Yeah, I'm still not convinced that New York's offense can put enough points on the board against a good team and while New England shouldn't score 38 again, they should be able to outscore the woeful Jets' offense.

Chargers over Jaguars:  While I'd love to see Philip Rivers whiny face again, I think they can defend their home turf against a decent Jacksonville team that is better than people think, but still not that good.

Colts over Giants (Sunday Night Football):  Ah, another Manning brothers match-up, complete with hundreds of views of dad in the stands. Bleccchhh, but still a good game to see if the Giants are for real and if the Colts can start off 0-2 for perhaps once in a decade or so? Doubtful Peyton will let Eli out-duel him.

Saints over 49ers (Monday Night Football):  Why do some people think New Orleans is going to drop off just because they won the Super Bowl and Reggie Bush gave back his Heisman? San Francisco was the "fashionable" pick this year but has done nothing to confirm that rep as they looked absolutely pathetic last week.

(As always, I'll pick & pan the Ravens @ Bengals game on Sunday morning.)

Last week's record:  13-3