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A Take From a "New" Ravens' Fan

I received this email from a friend of mine and thought most would be happy to see what class guys we still have on our team, as opposed to the snobby athlete's reputations we always seem to only read and hear about. Check it out:

  I think you mentioned you write a Raven's Blog.  Here is a tid bit you may want to pass on.
  Understand  I am not a great fan of football. Last night I had my grandsons and for dinner they wanted to go to the Green Turtle to see Derrick Mason's live broadcast of his sports show with his guest Ray Rice. As you know we do whatever our kids and Grandchildren want. I went there expecting to see a couple pompous and arrogant jocks.
  Much to our surprise these guys were true Gentlemen. They signed autographs, took pictures  shook hands and mixed with the crowd during each of the ad and news breaks. They bounced kids on their laps and were really true gentlemen. When we left I told Derrick that he was a true credit to all pro athletes and his told me he really appreciated my comment. I was proud to have them represent the Ravens...They were legitimately good guys.  -Joel