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Don't Challenge the Warrior, Rex

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Ray Lewis was quoted after the Baltimore Ravens defeated the New York Jets, 10-9 yesterday on Monday Night Football, saying, "When you challenge a warrior, a warrior responds." Something tells me that Jets tight end Dustin Keller would agree that a "warrior" responded in a huge way, as Lewis' hit on Keller towards the end of the game knocked him woozy enough to have him unaware of where he was when he went out of bounds on 4th down a foot short of the first down, ending any chance the Jets had of winning last night's game.


Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh concurred:

"Ray Lewis is the best linebacker in football, no doubt about it," said an unprompted Harbaugh in his post-game press conference.

Lewis finished the game with four tackles and constantly disrupted the Jets' offense with his defensive signals and directing his teammates in front and alongside of him. He may have lost a step over his 15 great years in the NFL but certainly has made up for it with preparation and strategic positioning, and commands the offense's attention wherever he lines up on the field. However, as Harbaugh stated, he still has a lot left in his tank and will continue to be mentioned among the greatest at his position in NFL history.

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