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Ravens @ Jets: 2nd Half 'Open Thread'

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Perhaps the Baltimore Ravens can play a bit better than the first half and actually give themselves a chance to win this game. Despite an embarrassing three turnovers, the Ravens find themselves in the lead, thanks to the Jets' penalties at very poor times for Jets' fans. The offense has looked abysmal and the mistakes by QB Joe Flacco are actually plain embarrassing. Even with the poor half, the Ravens offense is still outgaining the Jets, and their defense has kept them in this game as it has for years.

This year was supposed to be a different offense but so far the more things change, the more they stay the same. Thanks to the Jets corners not named Revis, the Ravens has attacked and received penalties from these corners to help them move the ball. A few timely Jets penalties have allowed drives to continue, although most of them have ended in turnovers so far, other than the touchdown late in the first half.

If the Ravens had not made these mistakes, they could very well be up by double digits, as the Jets are trying to give the Ravens as many chances as possible with ill timed penalties, including one that took the FG off the board and led to a Willis McGahee TD.

Great traffic so far (almost 500 comments)! Keep it up in the 2nd half folks and root the Ravens onto little less mistakes and a win!