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NFL Picks & Pans: Week 1

Here we go for the first weekend of the 2010 regular season. Coming off a great 2009, I will be hard pressed to equal last year's showing, although frankly I don't remember my record. However, let's start off with a winning weekend and even though I didn't make a pick for this past Thursday night, I would have taken the Saints over the Vikings, so I'm already 1-0!

Bucs over Browns: Will someone wake me when this one is over? Somebody has to win, right?

Bills over Dolphins:I think this is a trap game for the bettors as winning opening day on the road in division is still a tough task, even against a weaker team like Buffalo and Miami has not looked good in the pre season.

Pats over Bengals:Here's hoping Cincy starts off 0-2 (Ravens play there next weekend). Tom Brady is rich again after his new contract and wants to earn every red cent!

Steelers over Falcons:Love to see Pittsburgh go 0-4 without Big Ben, but to expect Atlanta to go on the road on opening day and win is a bit much, even for Matt Ryan.

Texans over Colts: Why not, it's about time, isn't it? Matt Schaub is an All-Pro and wants to prove that Houston can compete and win for a change over Indy and Peyton.

Jags over Broncos: Denver is still a bit of a mess and MJD will recover in time to put up some great fantasy stats.

Titans over Raiders: Bet the house on this one, as it appears to be the closest thing to the lock of the week as any of the games.

Giants over Panthers: Which Eli will show up to open the New Meadowlands a day before the Ravens own that house on Monday night?

Bears over Lions: Detroit has absolutely improved, but that's not saying much, despite a weak Bears team that has stocked up during the off season to improve their defense as well.

Cards over Rams: Even Derek Anderson can lead Arizona over the Rams and their newest multi-millionaire who hasn't thrown a pass yet.

Pack over Eagles: Donovan McNabb might be gone and Kevin Kolb might still throw for over 300 yards, but it won't be enough to beat one of the Super Bowl favorites as Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers is even better than that.

Seahawks over 49ers: My first "Upset Special Pick of the Week" as the favorite San Francisco blows it against the reeling Seattle team that needs to start off decent this season.

Cowboys over 'Skins (Sunday Night Football):Tony Romo will have enough targets and success over an offensively-challenged Washington home team, even with a new QB in McNabb.

Chargers over Chiefs (Monday Night Football):San Diego wins a closer game than you might think as Kansas City plays tough at home and I even wouldn't be surprised (and pleased) if the Chiefs pull the upset in this prime time game.

NOTE: I'll pick and pan the Ravens at Jets MNF game on Monday morning.