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NFL Players Not Happy with Goodell Meetings

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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at Ravens Training Camp
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell at Ravens Training Camp

Based on some of the comments that have been coming out of Training Camps around the league, the "Players-Only" meetings that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has held did not go quite as well as perhaps they are being made out to have gone. Even in Baltimore, some of the players apparently flat-out laughed at one of his comments and in other meetings, the tensions rose to uncomfortable levels.

What appeared to be a great and beneficial public relations move, the players took the opportunity to pepper Goodell with tough questions, many that he either seemed to sidestep or just could not give the players an acceptable answer. Of course, a lot of this is just speculation but much of it includes direct quotes from both Goodell and the players.

Check out the full story on AOL Fanhouse, including comments by the Ravens' CB Domonique Foxworth, who sits on the Player's Executive Council, as well as questions posed to Goodell by QB Joe Flacco