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Ravens Stadium Post Practice Notes

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Coach Harbaugh fields questions after the Ravens practice at M&T Bank Stadium.
Coach Harbaugh fields questions after the Ravens practice at M&T Bank Stadium.

After the team left the field at Saturday's practice at M&T Bank Stadium in downtown Baltimore, the press, including Baltimore Beatdown, headed downstairs to pose questions to Head Coach John Harbaugh and interview players in the locker room.

The players ended up signing autographs for the fans, even though it was initially reported that they would not be doing so. In addtion, according to Coach Harbaugh, he said "Steve (Bisciotti) came out onto the field while we were doing drills and said, 'this will be a tradition'," in reference to whether this type of practice will be held in future Training Camps.

At the podium, Harbaugh started off saying the practice was "Enthusiastic; players signed autographs for a long time afterwards. I think we got a lot out of it (practice here at the stadium)."

I asked Coach Harbaugh a question while he was at the podium:

Beatdown: "Ken Hamlin had a real good day with two picks today. He seems to be settling in on the defense. Is he picking it up well?"

Harbaugh:  “Yeah, Ken’s done a good job all the way through. I think the more comfortable he gets with the defense, the more you’re going to see his play-making ability. But hey, he was there today – two interceptions – he had a good day.”

A group gathered around safety Ken Hamlin in the locker room and his response to the question posed to him about settling in with this defense:

Hamlin: "Every day I try to get better."

More player interviews by Baltimore Beatdown to follow, as well as the day in photos from the Press Box.