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Marshal Yanda Got Tasered

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Baltimore Ravens' Marshal Yanda
Baltimore Ravens' Marshal Yanda

Actually, not exactly "tasered," but more like "stunned." I had heard a rumor about this so I approached Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman, Marshal Yanda, about it and got the story straight from the horse's mouth (sorry Marshal!). Here's te exchange we had the other day:

Beatdown: "Marshal, I heard through the publication, 'Football Outsiders', that you allowed yoursef to get tasered three times?"

Yanda: "Nah, just a couple of times my rookie year."

Beatdown: "You didn't go down or anything?"

Yanda: "Nah, it wasn't a taser, it was the one with the two points. Yeah, it was just a little friendly man's bet, to see if I could do it. I was the rookie, young and dumb, but up to the challenge."

Beatdown: "Did you win the bet?"

Yanda: "Yeah, I won the bet."

Beatdown: "What did you get?"

Yanda: "Oh, about $600!"

Beatdown: "Good for you!"

Yanda: "Yeah, thanks!"