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Ravens' Roster Cuts Tuesday

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Tha Baltimore Ravens had to trim their roster by a total of five players to get down to the NFL mandatory 75-man roster limit. After today, the team plays it's last preseason game Thursday at the St. Louis Rams and then must make additional cuts to get down to the final 53 man roster. However, when the axe falls on 22 more guys once the preseason schedule is completed, that is where the surprises will be revealed and the debates will begin.

Today's cuts did not surprise anyone, although putting a couple of guys on Injured Reserve and the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) List is always news. Linebacker and Special Teams ace Brendon Ayanbadejo, along with running back Matt Lawrence were put on the PUP List, meaning they will not be able to play for the first six games and after that period, a decision to put them on the 53 man roster or Injured Reserve for the rest of the season must be made. In addition, offensive lineman Daniel Sanders and defensive back Marcus Paschal were placed on Injured Reserve, thereby ending their 2010 seasons, although they will receive their full salaries. Cornerback Doug Dutch, who recently came to the Ravens from the Washington Redskins in trade for QB John Beck was released on Monday. 

On top of that, the feeding frenzy begins around the league as teams hang around like vultures to pounce on the bodies as they are given their release. The Ravens will let a bunch of kids go that will be given long looks by other teams who hope to benefit by our glut of solid players on both sides of the ball, but especially defense.