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NY Giants @ Baltimore Ravens: 'Open Thread'

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The Baltimore Ravens host the New York Giants this evening in preseason game #3 for both teams. This is the exhibition game that will feature the starters more than any other time before the regular season begins next month. Don't expect to see much of the starters in the 4th preseason game, as it is mostly for the guys on the bubble to see who is filling the final few roster spots.

Tonight, you can expect to see the first stringers through the first half and possibly even into the early part of the third quarter. However, don't expect teams to reveal too much of their playbook, as this is still the time for making sure execution and timing is in place more so than opening up the game plan.

Therefore Ravens fans, don't dispair if the offense still does not seem to be clicking on all cylinders, as they open the 2010 regular season on Monday Night Football against the New York Jets and trust me, they wil be prepared for that game.

For now, keep it here on The Beatdown during tonight's game and join me in this 'Open Thread' to post your comments on what you see, your opinions on how the guys are doing and what you like and/or don't like about it.