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Ravens fans are gonna have fun with this one...

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Troy Polamalu Reps Head & Shoulders!?
Troy Polamalu Reps Head & Shoulders!?

Recently I was contacted by Head & Shoulders PR Department about receiving promotional information about their products that are using NFL players as spokespersons. Specifically, the Pittsburgh Steelers' Troy Polamalu, who has been featured in their TV ads in funny spoofs about his long hair.

So I was thrilled this past weekend when I received a big package with a ribbon wrapped box inside. Opening the box I found a little "button," similar to Staples "easy" button, that when pressed had a recording in Troy's voice stating that

 "my hair is so ridiculously full and thick that it has its own website. Check out coming to a computer near you."

In addition, there was a fact sheet with a photo of Troy on the front and "Hair Stats" on the back stating:

Longest Yard: Troys hair, at its longest, can reach a length of three feet or a yard.

Reach: If you place each strand of Troy's hair in a straight line, it will span 1,100 football fields.

Weight Class: On average, Troy's hair can hold approximately 24,062 lbs or 96 football players.

Underneath these wonderful gifts was the best of all: a long, curly black wig that supposedly replicates Polamalu's hair. However, when I put it on, I looked more like Howard Stern than Troy, and when my son put it on, he looked more like Dave Chappelle's Rick James than Troy as well.

Okay Ravens fans, now it's your turn to have fun with this. Go for it in your comments below!