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Ravens Break Camp After Today

The Baltimore Ravens will be shutting down their Training Camp in Westminster, Maryland and returning back to their Owings Mills Practice Facility. Thursday marks the final day that fans as well as media are permitted to watch practice at McDniel College. After a brief walk-thru on Friday, the Ravens play their second exhibition game at the Washington Redskins on Saturday evening.

The remainder of the preseason, along with the regular season, the team will hold practices at the "Castle," which will allow the team to be right where they need to be in order to have everything they need at their disposal to prepare for the games. Almost as importantly to many of the players, coachs and Front Office personnel, they will be able to sleep in their own beds at home each evening instead of a cramped, shared hotel room.

Fans are not permitted to attend practices at the Owings Mills complex and media has limited access. Hopefully, Baltimore Beatdown will be included in the group that will continue to follow the team the rest of the preseason and into the 2010 regular season at the Castle.

More to follow after today's two remaining practice sessions from Westminster.