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Meet Ravens' CB Travis Fisher

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I requested an opportunity to speak with the Baltimore Ravens' cornerback, Travis Fisher, after Training Camp practice Monday morning. Due to injuries, Fisher has been getting a lot of reps, especially with the first team defense. While most fans don't know much about him, he is not new to the NFL, starting his 9th season in the league, having played stints in St. Louis, Detroit and most recently, Seattle. He has nine career interceptions, including two TD's. Of course, he coincidentally also wears dreadlocks, which had me asking him about them regarding my theory as well.

Beatdown:  "I notice you're running with the 1st team offense. You feel comfortable out there?"

Fisher:  "Oh yeah, I feel very comfortable, learning a lot, picking it up pretty fast and just learning a lot." 

Beatdown: "Opportunities unfortunately come about by way of injuries, but it looks like you're making the most of it."

Fisher:  "Yeah, it's unfortunate it happens like that but in this game we all know it's a physical game and you know injuries come. My thing is you've got to be ready when it comes."



Beatdown: "What's it like to look over to your right and see #52 in the middle barking out orders there?"

Fisher: "Man, it's kind of like, so much to have a guy like 52 playing on the same team as you, as well as the same defense, and he's just a great leader. Great leader, great player, great person."

Beatdown: "One question that I've asked to a bunch of guys on the team is that everybody it seems that have dreadlocks, whether it be on this team or the NFL, always seems to be a good player. I went over with Donte Stallworth a list that included Josh Cribbs, used to be Ricky Williams, Mike McKenzie, Webb...Stallworth says that's a good list. What is it about the guys with dreadlocks?"

Fisher: "Yeah, you just can't have dreads, you've got to be able to rock them the right way. You got to have the swag, got to be able to have the skill to play to go along with the dreads." 

Beatdown: "So they're not coming off?" 

Fisher: "No, I've had mine for almost ten years, so mine are staying." 

Beatdown: "Good, good for you."