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Pardon The Interruption

While apologizing to the readership for the lack of stories posted by myself during the past two-plus days, I cannot take responsibility for acts of nature. Specifically the bolt of lightning that nailed the huge tree outside of my home early Thursday morning as a serious thunderstorm passed the northwestern Baltimore County. Not only did it knock out my internet and cable, but fried my dog's Invisible Fence system, sending the blackened power box cover halfway across the garage. I found huge chunks of tree and bark all around my yard and on my deck, but for whatever reason, the car parked just under the tree was spared.

Nonetheless, not being able to even see highlights of the Baltimore Ravens' preseason victory over the Carolina Panthers, much less any ESPN Sportscenter or the NFL Network just destroyed my abilities to stay in touch with the outside world, other than through my car's radio. We are a spoiled society and I too am guilty of relying so much on electronic media to fill my life that when it is abruptly taken away, it frustrates and infuriates, but does force you to read a bit more and actually go to sleep earlier.

However, I am just now back online and getting ready to head out to Ravens Training Camp Saturday afternoon to cover their first practice since Thursday's game. I will return later toay to post all the news and notes, along with some players' quotes about the victory and their thoughts. Stay tuned and it is so good to be back. Thanks to the guys who picked up my slack during this down time!