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A few moments with the Ravens' Donte Stallworth

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While the Baltimore Ravens' Donte Stallworth was waiting to get to the podium to answer the media's questions, I saw him off to the side and saddled up next to him to ask him about my "Dreadlocks Theory."

Beatdown: "What do you think about my theory that every skill position player in the NFL that sports dreads is good?"

Stallworth: "ha ha ha!"

Beatdown: "I was talking with Dannell Ellerbe about that and I said try to name one that isn't. Mike McKenzie, Josh Cribbs, you, used to be Ricky (Williams)..."

Stallworth: "That's a good list."

Beatdown: "Think of anyone who's not? Ellerbe says if you're gonna wear the dreads, everyone's going to be looking at you, so you better be good."

Stallworth: "Yeah, that's right. That's true. Yeah, I agree."

Beatdown: "So don't shave them. Remember what happened to Sampson, right?"

Stallworth: " Oh yeah, it's funny you say that. I've got  that book sitting on my counter at home. I've got a slew of books, but I haven't got to that one yet, but I know the moral of the story."

Beatdown: "You said you read a lot while you were out for the past year."

Stallworth: "Uh huh, yup."

Beatdown: "Some quality books there. I see your quotes on Twitter."

Stallworth: "I love it. I'm not up on my Shakespeare as much as I'd like to be,...I actually read a lot more Shakespeare when I was younger, but I got to get back on him. I'm forgetting a lot of that stuff as I get older."

Beatdown: "Probably just reading one book right about now. The playbook."

Stallworth: "Yeah, exactly."

Beatdown: "Allright, take care."

Stallworth: "You too."