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Baltimore Beatdown Interviews Ravens' OT Oniel Cousins

After practice Tuesday morning, the tired and sweaty Baltimore Ravens' players stretched and signed autographs before heading off the field. I managed to grab right tackle Oniel Cousins for a few questions one-on-one:

Beatdown: "You've been getting a lot of reps out there at right tackle. How's your comfort level?"

Cousins: "It's coming along. Just trying to improve every day, get better and get myself ready for Thursday."

Beatdown: "You seem to be having a couple nice battles with Sizzle and seem to hold your own out there. He's a tough guy to face?"

Cousins: "I mean, this is the NFL, everybody is good and you just got to do your best and that's what I do. I make my mind up that I'm going to do my best...use good techniques and try to win every block."


Beatdown: "Some of the guys I've talked to on the offensive line say it's a pleasure to go up against other teams after facing these guys all the time. You're facing the best defense every day in practice."

Cousins: "Oh definitely, like I said, I think I've improved my game from going against some of the best, like Suggs, "Double J" (Jarret Johnson). I mean everybody else, Barnes, you know it's a good thing for me as I get to improve by going against the best defense in the league."

Beatdown: "I was talking to people like Dannell Ellerbe and Donte Stallworth. I have this theory that if you wear dreadlocks in the NFL, you're a good player. Ellerbe' comment is that everybody's going to look at you, and Stallworth says it's a great list. What's your thoughts on that?"

Cousins: (laughing) "Nah, I just got my dreads. I don't know if it makes you look good or look like you're a good player. I just like my dreads. I had my dreads for a long time. You know it's something I believe in, I'm like Sampson from the Bible, you know what I'm saying?"

Beatdown: "That's what Stallworth and I talked about. So, they're not coming off?"

Cousins: "I'm not going to take it off."

Beatdown: "Allright, good for you."