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What All-Time Raven Would You Want on the 2010 Roster?

Thanks to my friend Kevin over at Hogs Haven, SB Nation's Washington Redskins' site, we're going ot debate what former Baltimore Raven who is no longer playing for us would be the best addition to the current 2010 roster. This could be any player from the first drafted player as a Raven (Jonathan Ogden) to a recently departed linebacker (Bart Scott), as well as anyone in between.

Ogden would be an obvious name, as he is a certain Hall of Famer and combining him on the left side in his prime with second year Michael Oher on the right side would form a great pair of bookends protecting QB Joe Flacco. However, might our current tackle combination be good enough to look to add that player elsewhere?

With that in mind, what positions are the weakest on the current version of the team and where would an addition of a player from the past be the biggest help? To me the answer might not be the most popular, but I think you'll have to agree it will make the most sense. It all came down to this: The team is undecided at the placekicking position, but both Billy Cundiff and Shayne Graham have stronger legs than Stover, although this would not be a bad choice.

However, the obvious answer to me is cornerback Chris McAlister. McAlister in his prime was one of the top corners in the NFL. He was as close to the term, "shutdown corner" as you could get. Opposing QB's shied away from throwing to their #1 receivers when C-Mac was blanketing them and if McAlister got his hands on the ball via an interception, fumble recovery or a missed FG, then he was a very dangerous runner, as the Denver Broncos famously found out. He may have tried the patience of a lot of Ravens fans over the years, with issues on the field, the sidelines and in the legal system, but you can't deny his skills.

Other All-Time Ravens that come to mind include Michael McCrary, who would be a formidilbe pass rusher that we need, LB Peter Boulware, would could offer that and more, safety Rod Woodson, who would make a fantasy pairing with Ed Reed, and of course Bart Scott. Offensively, in addition to Ogden, Jamal Lewis combined with Ray Rice would bulldoze and dazzle opposing run defenses. TE Shannon Sharpe would clear out the middle of the passing lanes, and what about QB Vinny Testeverde, who wouldn't be afraid to air it out 40 times a game to Anquan Boldin and Derrick Mason?

So there's your assignment. Agree with me or post your contrasting comments for one of the guys I've mentioned or anyone I might have left off this list. Vote on the poll as well. Thanks.

PS- No Baltimore Colts permitted, so forget about Johnny Unitas!