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Troy Smith to the Eagles?

Ravens Backup QB Troy Smith Practicing in 2010 Mini-Camp
Ravens Backup QB Troy Smith Practicing in 2010 Mini-Camp

Apparently fed up with the continued poor decision-making off of the field by backup QB Michael Vick, the Philadelphia Eagles are reportedly interested in the Baltimore Ravens backup QB, Troy Smith. Smith is disgruntled that the Ravens were not able to trade him in the off season, at one point allegedly stating that he he would "crawl back to Cleveland on his hands and knees" according to his former agent.

The Ravens have also recently signed former St. Louis Rams QB Marc Bulger and also have John Beck on the depth chart. Smith has been rumored as the odd man out, but will plan on reporting to camp with the rest of the team in late-July, ignoring the rumors and trying his best to be a more visible part of this offense.

The Eagles traded starter Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins and promoted backup Kevin Kolb to the starting position, with Vick as the backup. However, after the recent shooting at Vick's birthday party, questionable circumstances remain unsolved surrounding the case, such that the team may decide to cut bait rather than continue to fish with Vick.

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