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First Fight in Training Camp

First skirmish in camp breaks out.
First skirmish in camp breaks out.

Saturday morning's session out at the Baltimore Ravens' Training Camp in Westminster, Maryland was highlighted by the first player's skirmish in camp so far. Rookie DT Arthur Jones got it on with OT Bryan Mattison, son of Defensive Coordinator Greg Mattison. The players quickly jumped in, grabbing the closest player and surrounded the pair. After it was quickly broken up, the drills started back up with barely a hitch, but the players (and probably the coaches) all loved the passion that got it started in the first place.

After practice ended, I grabbed Art Jones to ask him his side of the situation.

Beatdown: "Who started that? What did Bryan do for that?"

Jones: "Ah, I don't know, just trying to get better. It's competition and me being a strong minded guy I'm not going to let myself get pushed around by anyone, no matter a starter or a backup. I'm just trying to get better and working hard. It wasn't something anticipated, just something that happened, you know. Just two men competing."

Beatdown: "Nice to see your teammates step up for you?"

Jones: "Oh yeah, definitely. That's awesome."