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Ravens Cheerleader Needs Your Vote!

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader, Michelle P. needs Your Vote!
Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader, Michelle P. needs Your Vote!

After receiving this request from Butch Maier of The Mashed Report, a blog on other blogs, news, guides and community, I felt compelled to help this poor, young lady out in her desperate time of need. Therefore, I was drawn to the link only to see her worthy competition from the Cincinnati Bengals and Tennessee Titans. How in the world could I, much less you all, just move on with our lives while she fights for hers? What kind of people are you anyway? She is one of us, a true Baltimore Ravens fan, and while I cannot speak for you all, I for one will not abandon her in this quest to be voted the Miss Mashed title.

This one time, I refuse to just turn away and let whatever happens to happen. No, this time I take a stand. This time, I fight for what is right, and to let the Titans and Bengals think that they have anything over on Baltimore, well, that's just not right.

So take a hike to their site by clicking here, and take a moment to cast your vote not only for Michelle P, but for the entire Ravens nation. Stand up and be counted. You will feel fulfilled like I did after viewing this. I thank you, Michelle P thanks you, and most of all, Baltimore thanks you!