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Tidbits & Links from Around the NFL

Perhaps this may become a regular part of Baltimore Beatdown, as the news from around the league regardless of its connection to our Baltimore Ravens, is still of interest to most football fans. While this typically is the slowest time of the year for NFL news, there always seems to be tidbits of information coming out from the teams that can fill the hunger us true fans have twelve months a year. Training Camp opens late-July and once that starts, the news will flow through February, but for now let's take a look around the NFL and the internet to see what is going on outside of Baltimore.

Chargers WR, Vincent jackson, has been suspended for 3 games for violating the NFL's league conduct policy.

This might not blind-side you, but another Cinncinati player, Cedric Benson, is in trouble with the law for a possible assault charge.

Horribly sad news just heard is that former NFL QB Randall Cunningham's 2 1/2 year old son drowned in the family's hot tub Tuesday.

Similar to what has been going on with the New Orleans Saints, now the DEA is looking into the drug controls of the San Diego Chargers (and MLB's Padres as well).

Following up on news that QB Mark Brunell has declared bankruptcy, the word is he owes the IRS over $24 million!

Former Dallas Cowboys offensive tackle Flozell Adams is visiting the Pittsburgh Steelers, who can use every bit of help they can get on their offensive line.

The NFL franchises are ranked and they have the bottom-feeders (#27-32) up so far, starting with the lowly Cleveland Browns at #27 and ending with the once-proud-but now sad St. Louis Rams at #32.

Not to leave your Baltimore Ravens totally out of this story, see how important elite position players, such as the Ravens' FS Ed Reed, is to the team's defense and what might happen if his recovery from off season surgery forces him to miss some games in early 2010 (The Ed Reed Factor').

Check out all of these stories and more over at the National Football Post, which has a great new alliance with SB Nation. Also check out some of their great writers who have a wealth of varied football experience, from agents to front office to scouting, that make a great site for all your NFL news.