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Webb Making Maximum Effort

Lardarius Webb Answering Questions
Lardarius Webb Answering Questions

When the media stormed the Baltimore Ravens locker room following this morning's Rookie Mini-Camp, the first guy they crowded around was cornerback Lardarius Webb, who must have just finished up working out in his attempt to recover from his knee injury at the end of last season.

Webb was choosing his words carefully, so as not to make any predictions or promises that his surgically-repaired knee could not keep. "All I can do is come here everyday and work," he said with a shrug. He said he feels he's at 65% but some things are better than others. He can't wait to hit for hreal and says "I'm a football player" in response to the question of whether or not he would still be returning kickoffs. "I'd punt if that's what John wants me to do," he cracked.

I asked him which of the basic skills, such as cutting or backpeddling were the most tender areas or seem to give you the most discomfort?

Webb:  "Coming out of it, coming out of my backpeddle. It's not the backpeddle, it's not the run. It's the settle, putting the weight on it. It feels good, I just have to wait, keep working it. I have two, three more months before we get back out and I want to be the best that I've ever been in my life. So, I''m working, I'm just getting out of here now, got here early, 7am (it was 12:15pm when this interview was conducted), so I got to do everything I can to possibly get back."