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Vegas Oddsmakers Like The Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens are being considered one of the favorites to win the AFC North in 2010 and challenge for the Super Bowl in February 2011. Now the Las Vegas oddsmakers are seemingly agreeing with the so-called experts who feel the same way. has the Ravens listed as overwhelming favorites to win the division this coming season and only has the defending AFC North champion Cincinnati Bengals as the third pick in the division behind the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both the Ravens and Bengals have very tough road schedules, each facing a team on the road with a losing record only once all season. However, Baltimore has proven it can win as visitors, especially in the post season, where they have won three playoff games over the past two seasons, all on the road.

While Baltimore Beatdown does not condone wagering your hard-earned cash, gambling is your decision and you can visit their site and story by clicking here.