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Baltimore Beatdown Sits Down with Ravens DT Cory Redding

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Cory Redding at Ravens Mini-Camp
Cory Redding at Ravens Mini-Camp

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In the locker room following the Baltimore Ravens final Mini-Camp of the off-season, I sat down on a stool next to DT Cory Redding, to ask him about his former Detroit Lion teammate, Corey Smith, who died tragically in the Gulf of Mexico, off of Tampa during what was supposed to be a final fishing trip before Training Camp in 2009.

Smith, who went out that ill-fated day with three friends, including fellow NFL player Marquis Cooper and another friend, Will Bleakley, drowned after their small boat capsized in rough seas and they were forced to endure huge waves and frigid temperatures as they awaited rescue. Unfortunately, only Nick Schuyler, their friend and personal trainer, survived the long ordeal and lived to write the book of their story, aptly titled, 'Not Without Hope.' I reviewed that book a few weeks ago and wanted to ask Cory about his personal feelings of the story and his friend.

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Beatdown:  "Cory, I just finished reading Nick Schuyler's book, 'Not Without Hope.' You were in Detroit with Corey Smith, right?"

Redding:  "Yes."

Beatdown:  "Are you wearing the same number that he wore?"

Redding:  "Yeah, ...that might be."

Beatdown:  "Is there a reason you wear the same number that he wore, does it have anything to do with it, or is it just a coincidence?"

Redding:  "Coincidence."

Beatdown:  "It was an amazing story."

Redding:  "Corey was a great guy, man, and in my short three years knowing him, he never complained about nothing. He just hung out, went to work, worked hard, you never even knew he was in the building. But you knew he was out there, he was making plays and was a great guy to be around."

Beatdown:  "Did you know (Oakland Raider) Marquis Cooper at all?"

Redding:  "No, but I heard him talk about him a couple of times. Didn't know him personally."

Beatdown:  "Rough way to go."

Redding:  "Yeah, yeah it is."

Beatdown:  "Thanks a lot and good luck."