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Rookie WR David Reed Interviewed by Baltimore Beatdown

Over the course of the OTA's that the Baltimore Ravensheld for their rookies and the full team, rookie WR David Reed stood out as one of the more noticeable players because of his solid consistency. Coming out of the University of Utah, the fifth round draft pick seemed to catch virtually everything that came his way, and on top of that, he also looked solid returning kickoffs.

I asked Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh if Reed had dropped any passes during these Mini-Camps:

"Well, I don’t know," Harbaugh replied. "We’ll have to go back and chart that. He’s had a couple, but he’s got very good hands. David’s done a real nice job. I think he’s a good example of a guy that’s going to… We’ll have to see in training camp how much he’s going to express himself and earn some playing time."

Once practice was over, I sat down next to Reed, introduced The Beatdown to him and asked him a few questions:

Beatdown:  "Now that the OTA's are over, a lot of the veterans will be taking the time to relax and get away from football for a while until they have to report to Training Camp. What will you be doing during this break?"

Reed:  "Work. Just work every day. Do something different every day. Run, lift, run routes, catch balls. Just get into that playbook."

Beatdown:  "Do you go home or stay around here?"

Reed:  "I go home to Connecticut. "

Beatdown:  "So what gets you to go all the way across the country to college?"

Reed:  "I went to junior college in California, Pasadena Community College. They (Utah) receruited me out of there."

Beatdown: "I asked Coach Harbaugh if you had dropped any passes in camp and he said he thought you dropped a couple. Do you remember dropping any?"

Reed:  "I remember them very distinctly."

Beatdown:  "Well, the media there didn't seem to remember any. Good luck to you."

Reed:  "Thanks."