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Ravens Mini-Camp: What To Look For

The Baltimore Ravens start their first mini-camp off today with all players required to take part. Of coursethere will be those players missing who haven't recovered from recent medical "procedures" or other injuries, but for the most part, everyone else is expected to be in attendance. This starts the series of mini-camps for the full squad, with others slated for late-May, early and late-June before the guys get their final break until Training Camp begins in late-July.'s Mike Duffy did a great story titled"Ten Things to Watch in Minicamp" which I recommend you click on the link to check it out. He pretty much hits the nail on the head ten times, with the big issues that are up there for fans to follow as the three-day session continues both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Baltimore Beatdown will be there on both of the final two days of mini-camp, getting photos and asking the questions you want answered. If there are specific questions you'd want responded to by certain players, list them in your comments below and I will try to get them in during the podium Q&A or post-practice locker room interviews.